Durable charred wood

Natural and unique solutions for your home

Technologies used

DRAGONWOOD uses only eco-friendly wood processing methods to produce exceptional products of the highest quality. The technology we use allows us to maintain the naturalness and durability of the product.

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"Shou Sugi Ban is a Japanese technology for producing exquisite wood products by treating wood with fire. Our craftsmen burn the finished wood in a special Shou Sugi Ban kiln, which creates a unique and sustainable charcoal layer. The special Shou Sugi Ban technology we use is inspired by old Japanese traditions.


Yakisugi (焼 杉) is a traditional Japanese method of burning wood. Yaki means to heat with fire and sugi is cypress. In the West, it is also called charred (burnt) wood and is also known as "Shou Sugi Ban" (焼 杉 板). Burning the surface of the wood at a very high temperature makes the wood more waterproof and durable, and protects it from pests and fire.

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