For products treated with the Shou Sugi Ban method, DRAGONWOOD uses only ecological means to enhance the texture of the wood and give it the desired shade of wood. Benefits of the technologies used:
protects nature, gives wood resistance to pests, mold, ultraviolet rays and fire.

Usage of technology

Production begins with the burning of wood at a special temperature. During it, the wood acquires properties that give it longevity.

To get the right wood product, we also use oils that maintain the sustainability of the wood, providing extra protection and beauty.


For burning, DRAGONWOOD uses fire furnaces that maintain a temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius. At high temperatures, various organic components dissolve, closing the pores of the wood surface, thus protecting the wood from environmental influences.

Using Shou sugi ban technology, wood burning is important because it ensures the longevity of the wood by protecting it from the effects of the environment (ultraviolet rays, rain and pests). These processes can only be managed by highly qualified specialists.



After burning the wood, we comb the charred layer with special equipment. During this process, a soft surface is left, which highlights the unique wood structure.


At this stage of production, we coat the wood with ecological Danish woca oil, which increases the resistance of the wood and gives the wood an exceptionally beautiful woca shade of your choice.

We currently use two types of wood in our production: Siberian larch and Spruce. Each wood is unique and the wood shades are obtained differently. Please contact us if you want to help you choose the most suitable color. Our consultants are ready to help you.

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