Terrace is one of the most important details of the house’s exterior during the summer, as it is where we spend more time and enjoy spending sunny evenings with loved ones. The installation of a terrace in your yard will create a wonderful oasis of relaxation and entertainment. If you choose DRAGONWOOD, we will be happy to help you to make the right decisions.


more durable than any other

Outdoor terraces have a significant impact on the environment. By choosing our products made with Shou Sugi Ban technology, you ensure that the durability of your product will be longer lasting than any other product.


Our products are burned, combed and lubricated with organic oils, which help maintain the color of the wood and protect the wood from various environmental conditions, such as:

  • Fire and water;
  • Ultraviolet rays;
  • Pests and mold;
  • Snow, humidity, sudden temperature changes.

DRAGONWOOD color assortment

Usage of technologies

We use the “Shou Sugi Ban” (YAKI SUGI) wood burning method to make individual products. This method was invented in Japan and is rapidly gaining popularity in the world because burned wood enhances the texture and color of the wood, stays the same for longer. Also protects against various environmental conditions, like pests and preserves all the most important values of wood (durability and sustainability).

To create something “magical”, contact our specialists, who will not only help you to choose color and type of wood, but also make sure that all your cooperation, choosing the products we offer will be one beautiful stage towards the realization of a dream.

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